Dainos: Audio diskas 1. Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King (Yra papildomas DVD) 2. You, You Are God (Yra papildomas DVD) 3. Living For You (Yra papildomas DVD) 4. Only One For Me 5. No Sweeter Name 6. Every Breath … Continued

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DJ Tony Foxx. Faithfulness

Daugiau informacijos: Dainos: 1. Heart Of South America, Around The World (Įvadinis takelis) 2. Remix: Here I Am (pagal Michael W. Smith) 3. Faithfulness 4. Remix: Lifesong (pagal Casting Crowns) 5. Remix: My Redeemer Lives (pagal Darlene Zshcech) … Continued

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CECE WINANS. Live In The Throne Room

Dainos: 1. Intro 2. Well Alright 3. Anybody Wanna Pray 4. I Am 5. Everlasting Love 6. We Thirst For You 7. Heavenly Father 8. More Than What I Wanted 9. Alone In His Presence 10. Throne Room 11. Hallelujah … Continued

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Dainos: 1. The True Believers 2. Salvation Army Band 3. The Wind and the Wheat 4. Hand of God 5. Spirit Walk 6. Shut de Do’ 7. Shades of Green 8. Let Everything Else Go 9. Under the Grace 10. … Continued

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ROBIN MARK. Days Of Elijah

Dainos: 1. Days Of Elijah 2. You`re The Lion Of Judah 3. Revival 4. Not By Might 5. Garments Of Praise 6. No One Like You Lord 7. Jesus All For Jesus 8. Everything Cries Holy 9. Be Unto Your … Continued

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Yolanda Adams. The Essential

Dainos: 1 Diskas 1. The Only Way 2. You Changed My Life 3. Just A Prayer Away 4. Let Us Worship Him 5. What About the Children? 6. This Job 7. Through The Storm 8. Even Me 9. More Than … Continued

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Dave Hollister

Dainos: 1. The preface 2. Nothing But God 3. The Intro 4. Help Me 5. So Many Scars 6. Questions 7. Pray (Til I Get An Ansver) 8. Drama 9. Divorced 10.The Settlement 11.My Pain 12.What Do You Do 13.Where … Continued

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OSLO GOSPEL CHOIR. We Lift Our Hands Part Two (Antra Dalis)

Dainos: 1. Ancient Of Days 2. Breathe 3. I Give You My Heart 4. Shout To The Lord 5. God Will Make A Way 6. You Are Holy 7. Joy To My Soul 8. Never Let Me Go 9. This … Continued

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RANDY STONEHILL. Edge of the World

Dainos: 1. Dare To Believe 2. That’s The Way It Goes (duet with Phil Keaggy) /duetas su Phil Keaggy/ 3. We Were All So Young (with Larry Norman, Phil Keaggy, Russ Taff, Barry McGuire, Noel Paul Stookey, Anne Herring & … Continued

not rated 8,10  Į krepšelį

Dainos: 1. Inside Out 2. Eternal 3. On Faith Alone (Sola Fide) 4. Means The World 5. Think About It 6. Possible 7. I’ll Wait 8. God Is Love 9. Break It Down 10.Run 11.Reflection Of My Heart 12.Reach Daugiau … Continued

not rated 8,10  Į krepšelį