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Vickie Winans. Song Of Life


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1 Diskas

1. Woman To Woman (Prelude)
2. It’s Alright
3. Farewell
4. Never Separate (A Song For Friends)
5. Falling In Love (Perlude)
6. Madly In Love
7. Try Christ
8. Go Go Praise
9. God Of Comfort
10.Trust Him
11.You’re More Than A Mom (A Tribute Featuring Marvin winans. Jr.)
12.Angel Of Mine (A Song For Friend)
13.I Need A Man
15.Watch The Wind
16.Dance With Me (Perlude)
17.Thirty Reasons Why I Love You Mommie (A Tribute Featuring Mario Winans)
18.We Need Your Love (Featuring My Husband Jeo)

2 Diskas

1. Perlude Of Change / A Change Will Come (Featuring Bishop T.D. Jakes
2. Everyday Is A Good Day
3. Stand Up And Carry On
4. Waiting On Jesus
5. The Rainbow
6. Alive Alive
7. I Love You Lord
8. Stretch Out
9. Jeses Loves Me (Perlude)
10.He Loves Me
11.A Thousand Pains (Featuring PreZence)
12.You’re Still My Sister
13.I Dedicate My Life
14.Shake Yourself Loose Dance Mix (Featuring Tim Bowman ll) Fog (My 20th Anniversary Tribute To You)

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